"Our way of walking on the Earth has a great influence on animals and plants. We have killed so many animals and plants and destroyed their environments. Many are now extinct. In turn, our environment is now harming us. We are like sleepwalkers, not knowing what we are doing or where we are heading. Whether we can wake up or not depends on whether we can walk mindfully on our Mother Earth. The future of all life, including our own, depends on our mindful steps."

Thích Nhất Hạnh "The World We Have: A Buddhist Approach to Peace and Ecology (2008)"

our mission

Ecology has always been a subject of much controversy and discussion, but today it is more important than ever. This state has been going on for over a dozen years, but as humanity we still have not understood that we are destroying our own home.

If younger generations do not take resolute steps to improve the condition of the natural environment, they will inevitably be destroyed. That is why we decided to develop a game that will also be a great source of information about what has the greatest negative impact on ecosystems in individual regions of the world.

We’re Step2Games and we may not be the greenest developers in the gamedev world, but we don’t want to sit back and wait for humanity to destroy itself. So we did what we do best – we created a strategic and educational game devoted to issues related to ecology. It is our contribution to building ecological awareness among the great community of gamers – and not only them.

We hope that launching ENVIRO will provide a brand new exciting and interactive way for young people to learn about key environmental issues, and actively learn the steps to take to make our world a better place, all whilst playing a video game. 

ENVIRO creates a digital space where people can learn about poor environmental practices, the negative impact they are having on our planet and the steps and methods needed to improve them, to be then applied both in the game’s world and in real life.

By adding ENVIRO to your Wishlist you are already helping a good cause! Make something good for the Earth now.


We have became one of the donors for Eden Reforestation Projects and started with planting 1000 trees. As S2 GAMES we strongly declare that for each Steam Wishlist addition, and then for each copy of ENVIRO game sold, we will plant a tree with Eden Projects. This is our way to make gamers community become involved into a serious matter.



There are probably countless examples of activities with negative impact on the natural environment, but we would like to focus on couple of them that are in some way important for us and were the core of creating Enviro game.

Loss of Biodiversity

As a humans, we have made a countless species extinct. We have also destroyed natural habitats of another countless species. These combined have led to the loss of biodiversity and, eventually, destabilization of whole ecosystems. We want you to get it right – these ecosystems took millions of years to constitute and yet we, humans, have destroyed them in merely thousands of years.

One of the main objectives in Enviro is to bring back the balance in each ecosystem encountered in the game. Making the gameplay this way, we wanted to show players, that we all are a part of ecosystems and we have to care about them.


An obvious example, yet one of the most disastrous. We count seven types of pollutions: air, water, soil, noise, radioactive, light and thermal. Every one of them affect our environment in many negative ways. What’s worse, all of them are interlinked and influence each other. In terms of ecology we have to treat them as a one, but for the purposes of our game we focused on them as a separate causes.

Air, water and soil pollution are one of the most common, both in reality and in Enviro gameplay. They are connected with heavy industries, such as chemical facilities, factories and oil industry. Motor industry also has its share, especially in air pollution – even modern vehicles exhaust millions tons of poisoning elements annually. And no matter if we are talking about water, soil or air, it will take millions of years to recoup the devastative activities of human race.

Soil Degradation

Okay, so, we like to eat. It is then even more depressing for us to know, how far the soil degradation has gone throughout the years. Nuff said, UN estimates that over 12 million hectares of farmland are seriously degraded annually.

There are a lot of reasons: overgrazing, erosion, pollutants, land conversion, monoculture planting, soil compaction and many more. The not-so-funny part is, today we have a lot of techniques of soil conservation and restoration, but they are ignored most of the time. That is why we want to show them in Enviro – we believe that it’s harder to ignore something you know about.

waste disposal

Uncontrolled and irresponsible waste disposal is one the most frequent template within Enviro game. There are many examples of biomes around the world completely destroyed by this crime, yet still there is not even a slightly change of the situation. Waste disposal is one of the major ecological crisis right now.

What’s the worst is that most of the waste belongs to highly developed country and affects the less developed ones. In case of giving a good example and helping those in needs, so called “developed world” treats them as some kind of private landfills. Which, of course, is not only hazardous, but just pathetic.


How would you feel if someone cut your lungs out? Not great, right? Now think about areas like South America or Asia, where forests are being cut down faster that they can regrow. And e.g. Brazil had one of the greatest forest areas in the world – the Amazonia – which now is literally vanishing.

Fortunately, although it’s like joy through tears, most of the world is now growing more trees than cutting them, so there is a slightly chance, that deforestation will be in some way balanced over time. But for now it’s still only a dream.

Global Warming

One of the greatest conspiracy theories for the failed minds, global warming is definitely real and evolving. It’s the result of the greenhouse gases emission mostly. And greenhouse gases are the result of human activities. But why global warming is so dangerous?, one might ask.

Well, it makes the temperature of oceans and earth surface rising. Higher temperature leads to melting of polar ice caps, which leads to sea levels rising and voila – we have flash floods, hurricanes in the most unusual places (like in Europe lately), droughts, excessive snowfalls, seasons shifts and wildfires.

And if that’s not enough to think about our actions, we honestly don’t know, what else could be.

Unsustainable waste

So, have you ever heard about the hyper-consumption? It’s one of the biggest threat to our environment and most of us participate in it on a daily basis. As the various studies shows, an average person produces up to 2 kg of waste daily. It results in creating millions of tons of non-biodegradable or hard-degradable trash, like plastic packaging, chemicals and toxic waste.

All of them goes right into our waterways and oceans, and even if they end on a landfills (where they should, right?), they produce absolutely enormous amount of methane, one of the most harmful greenhouse gases. Aside from that, methane gathering in the wastes creates quite high explosion hazards.

What’s the solution? DON’T. BUY. SO. MANY. THINGS.

water pollution

Drinking water is becoming a luxury for the developed countries. There are regions where clean water became the cause of armed conflicts and in less developed countries people have to fight for the drinking water. This is craziness which has to stop right now.

Why not everyone has drinking water, you’ll ask? Well, we think that big industries would give you a much more suitable answer to this question, as they are responsible for water pollution all over the world. And things have to change, period.


Help us reach as many people as possible and educate young generations about ecology. If you are a non-governmental organization dealing with environmental issues or an activist and would like to help us in further educational activities, contact us and we will certainly find a field for cooperation.

We have some unique ideas prepared specially for NGOs, so don’t hesitate and tell us about yourself today!